Katja Ylisiurua, Research intern

Katja Ylisiurua is graduating as a Master of Adult and Vocational Education from the University of Tampere in fall 2017. Her minor is visual culture education, which she studied in Department of Art in University of Aalto. In Demos Helsinki Katja works in the team Resource-Smart Economy.

Katja’s key interests:
-ecosocial wellbeing
-environmental psychology research
-societal change towards sustainable development.

Katja has worked in education field, e.g., with education exportation and primary education. Furthermore she has volunteered with Finnish Red Cross and The Voluntary Rescue Service. She is also an active member of interdisciplinary network of environmental and sustainability education research SIRENE.

Contact information:
p: 044 053 5040
e-mail: katja.ylisiurua@demoshelsinki.fi

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