Naked Newsletter V – The Garden vs. the Streets

Naked Approach is a research project building the hyperconnected world with the sensor revolution. Hyperconnectedness and sensors will radically change the way we perceive, act, do business and interact in the world.


A long term view to the world we are constructing

This week’s Newsletter is all about long term thinking. What are the possible, probable and desirable end states of the hyperconnected planet? What happens after the radical developments in sensor technologies, smart analytics and digitalization of everything?

Demos Helsinki published last week two scenarios about the hyperconnected planet until the year 2040. It’s an easy to read, beautiful book full of radical ideas about our future, co-created with a large group of experts. Download the book for free here.

Inspiration: what changes?

The core message of the scenario publication is that we should look at the outcomes, not only the means: Internet of Things is not about technology. It’s about society. (Antti-Juhani Piirainen, Demos Helsinki). Explain that to the people who are more afraid of robots than death (The Atlantic).

Understandably, the hyperconnected world is scary. For example, it’s very difficult to know if you are talking to people or machines (Anti-Turing test by Arik Sosman). But we should be prepared for more discussions like this, not less. For example, Google just open sourced it’s articificial intelligence engine (Wired).

So how to control and guide this kind of development? Enter the “Seven Principles for the Hyperconnected Planet”.

Seven Principles for the Hyperconnected Planet

In the scenario book Demos Helsinki presents seven principles for the hyperconnected planet to realize the potential and to tackle the challenges of the hyperconnected development. You’ll hear more about these principles already before Christmas.

1. Parity principle

For hyperconnectedness to be the most significant development or our era, it must play its part in solving the grand challenges of our times.

2. Utility principle

Hyperconnectedness needs to solve more problems than it creates.

3. Systems principle

Hyperconnectivity is best realized by developing it with a holistic and systemic perspective and by understanding the complex nature of change. This means taking into account more than just technological development, i.e., the social, economic, political, and environmental aspects.

4. Participation principle

Social developments are easiest to incorporate by including people and focusing on issues they find important. Technologies should be designed and developed by and with the people who use them.

5. Blue ocean principle

Economic developments are easiest to incorporate by focusing on new value creation instead of simply improving old means of value creation. It is important to reap benefits from the new value creation on top of increased productivity. The change should not only be an improvement but also a source of radical new value creation.

6. Justice principle

Political development can be included by using and suggesting regulatory frameworks to guarantee fair markets and people’s rights. For example, the risks of data ownership and privacy need to be prevented and rights need to be secured.

7. One planet principle

Environmental development can be included by understanding that the desired end state of the hyperconnected planet is impossible without creating solutions that lead us toward a more sustainable planet. The development of the hyperconnected planet should by definition save more natural resources than it consumes.


Naked Approach events

Thanks to everyone who attended our events at Slush and Peloton Club last Wednesday. Here is a list of Demos Helsinki hosted events that are on the radar:

16 Dec 9-11
Business Model Loops Drawing Breakfast, Demos Helsinki, Töölönkatu 11

An invite only event for a small group of business leaders interested in designing a winning hyperconnected business model by drawing causal loops. Pen, paper and breakfast provided. Ask to join in with this form.

14 Jan 8:30-10:00
Naked Breakfast Session, place tbd.

A breakfast seminar to meet companies and researchers working for the hyperconnected planet. Join us by signing in with this form.




Stay in the loop

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Johannes Koponen