Naked Newsletter IV – Opportunities in the hyperconnected world

Naked Approach is a research project building the hyperconnected world with the sensor revolution. Hyperconnectedness and sensors will radically change the way we perceive, act, do business and interact in the world.


Inspiration: Opportunities in the hyperconnected world

This week’s Newsletter is about hyperconnected society and work. Will the new datasets, abundance of sensors and cheap automation liberate us from work, or does it mean the end of work and meaningful participation to the society?


A possibility is not a capability in the hyperconnected world

A Demos Helsinki blog post on what can be required from new technologies.


Héctor L. Carral: Stop saying technology is causing social isolation 

People like to criticize current society. But accusing technology of ruining social interaction and even all kinds of experiences is  wrong and misguided.


Pajarinen & Rouvinen: Computerization Threatens One Third of Finnish Employment (pdf)

An often-cited research on the impact of technology to employment.


Evgeny Morozov: The Taming of Tech Criticism

Morozov brilliant critique on the Nicholas Carr’s book The Glass Cage: Automation and Us


Nicholas Carr: A litmus test for technology critics

Nicholas Carr’s fantastic reply to Evgeny Morozov.



Future events:

11 November 17:00 Slush: Internet Of No Things by Demos Helsinki (Messukeskus)

You are warmly welcome to join our intensive hour about the future from 2020 to 2040. This is where we publish our scenario publication “The Future told by the Garden and the Streets” mapping the hyperconnected Nordic societies until the year 2040. Slush ticket required.

11 November 19:00 Slush & Peloton Club: Solving THE BIG Challenges (Putte’s Bar)

The afterparty that is more than afterparty. Free for everyone, this is an amazing opportunity to talk with people inspired by hyperconnectivity over pizza and drinks (provided). There is a bus ride from Slush to Peloton Club after the Slush event.



Stay in the loop

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Johannes Koponen